Politically Barrie

Hi. I'm Shawn. I've always been interested in politics. As a hobby, I decided to pull together important links and stats that will be useful for people living in the Barrie area. I'm just remaking the website right now to make it easier for me to update it and for you to find the information you need.

With the municipal election done, I'm now making sure you can easily find out who your representatives by select your ward.

Your Information is here

Below is the sections of this website that you can use to find all sorts of information.

Your Representatives

I have collected data about all the representatives for every region in Barrie are. By selecting your ward, you will see who your MP, MPP, Mayor, Ward and school board trustee is.

Vote Data

Here, I make a page for each election. Some past election pages are also available here, so you can see who ran. This is where election survey data goes. It's a great way to learn more about your candidates. Eventually this will include election results.

Local Groups

I've tried collecting local groups that are active in the Barrie area. This includes political parties, lobby groups and even social media groups.


Charts, graphs, maps and other data about past elections and the Greater Barrie Area. (Individual election results will probably be under vote data.)

Get in touch

Got info? If you know something that should be updated, added or corrected on this website, let me know. This is a hobby for me. If you have connections or work for groups, parties or representatives mentioned here, I'm happy to hear any additional information you have.